Christine Marie Mason

Christine Marie Mason

Co-Founder. Christine is a six-time founder and CEO, an author, yogi, purposeful teacher and speaker, a mom of four, and a grandmother. Her current endeavor, Rosebud Woman, invites a new conversation about women, women’s bodies, self-care and power. She is also the co-founder and director of New Earth Mandala, a meditation, yoga and art center on Hawai’i. Christine has been teaching, studying and writing on yoga and consciousness since 2000, with an emphasis on bringing yoga into daily life and human systems. Her books include Indivisible, Bending the Bow, The Invitation, Love in the Face of Everything and the upcoming 9 Gifts.

Leadership and Innovation: From 1996 to 2016, Christine was a tech founder and venture-backed CEO in B2B software. She has conceived, resourced and built multiple organizations with $100M+ exits. She is currently an early stage investor in cloud, blockchain and biologics, and a mentor to young businesses and nonprofits. From 2011 to 2016, she served as a futurist and innovation advisor for global companies, such as Estee Lauder and Panasonic. Christine’s personal areas of investigation in that window include technologies as far ranging as human brain to machine interface, biologic patents, short and midterm potentials for synthetic biology applications, 3D printing, unmanned aerial vehicles, cloud computing, big data, video analytics, blockchain and more. From 2009 to 2013, Christine curated and led 14 TEDxSanFrancisco events, and continues to convene gatherings around the world.

She serves on the board of the GRIP training institute, working in the California State Prisons with life-eligible inmates on victim-offender communications, and the Stone Research Foundation. Christine holds a MBA from the JL Kellogg School at Northwestern University and is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Northwestern, with a senior thesis in Arab Nationalism.  She has lived and traveled all over the world, and speaks French and German. She is a yoga teacher, artist, musician, mother and grandmother.

Yoga and Consciousness Studies: Christine’s primary teacher is Mark Whitwell. She has completed teacher training with Rod Stryker (ParaYoga Level 1 & 2), Maya Yoga (500 hours), Baron Baptiste (Baptiste Power Yoga – Level 1) and continued training with other senior teachers, including a Thai massage certification, Love and Ecstasy Training, and Yoga Anatomy coursework. She’s YACEP and YA E-RYT certified. She is a Vipassana practitioner, and a student of non-dual tantra. She holds a certificate in the practices and philosophy of yoga from the Mattamayura Institute.  She is trained in ZEGG forum facilitation, and is a second year student in Thomas Huebl’s Timeless Wisdom Training program in collective, energetic and subtle healing. At New Earth Mandala, her retreat in Hawaii, she works with individual students and small groups in using yoga as a healing tool in trauma, anger and grief, forgiveness and gender reconciliation, and hosts silent retreats. She is a devotional singer, an enthusiastic adventurer, and a science nerd who studies plant medicine, cryptocurrency and biohacking. Her social service work is focused on yoga in action: women’s equity, restorative justice and internet freedom.


Indivisible: Putting Connection First  (2017)

Indivisible integrates personal narrative with science, cultural and spiritual insights on overcoming separation within one’s self and in society. Christine’s exploration of anger, violence and disconnection in the aftermath of her mother’s murder, abandonment and general chaos propelled her to examine how we expand the capacity of the individual to heal and connect, and shift the way we live together. Her work includes investigations into non-violence, intimacy, and the neuroscience of love, violence, human evolution and behavioral change.

The Invitation: Daily Love for Your Intimate Self (2018)

The Invitation is a manifesto to look at our bodies, especially the usually ignored parts, and how we love and care for them. To learn more about our parts and how they interact. It invites a conversation on touch, relaxation, strengthening, nourishing and nurturing. Christine investigates reintegration: how our intimate parts rest in the pelvic bowl, which rests in the body, which is infused with blood and all the good and bad materials circulating therein. By caring for the often ignored or rejected parts, we return to wholeness. Our bodies live harnessed to our thoughts, inextricably tied to our environment.

Bending the Bow: How Great Freedom Movements Start and Grow (2019)

All great social change requires brave and outspoken leaders. No matter what the challenge (slavery, civil rights, war, environmental degradation, etc.), big shifts disrupt the status quo, and threaten those who benefit from the inequity. When faced with change, even if it’s moral and just, the existing power structure will fight back hard. How do strong activists prepare themselves? Using stories and insights from great change agents, Bending the Bow draws out common themes and threads to help us learn how they did it, including: The inner life of activist leaders; The 6 vital roles needed in a great activist pod; The arc of change across generations; In 100 years, what will we look back on and say “we can’t believe it was ever that way”?